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Our Getaway to The Lodges on Vashon


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Tim and I love to travel. We typically try to get further away from home, so we can forget about all the daily chores. The Lodges on Vashon was something new to us, it caught me by surprise, but quickly made me fall in love.

If you ever been to Seattle, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a busy city. It’s also growing fast, and the ever-expending freeways are crowded with commuters trying to make their ways to Seattle’s newest tech companies… including us. But if you look on a map, right next to Seattle, we have many islands, completely disconnected from the busy life. It’s weird, because it’s so close, and minutes away by a ferry.

One very large island happens to sit right between Seattle and Tacoma, the Vashion island. As embarrassing as it, I’ve never noticed, and neither have most people. It’s completely detached from the Seattle’s hectic life, while embracing every bit of the northwestern beauty. And that’s where we stayed.

There are several parks with the waterfront views on the island. Even though it was chilly, we enjoyed walking on the dock and exploring the area.

The Lodges on Vashion sits right in the center of the Vashion island, that’s where we stayed. It’s a very unique place, each cabin is built out separately, sharing a one rich community. You don’t have to worry about kids running around, making noise in the unit, there’s no neighbors on the floors above or below you.

The Lodge inside was so beautiful. It was white, modern looking with a fireplace, feeling so cozy.

It’s a perfect lodge to stay with kids, because you get a separate “privacy” area as a couple and kids get their own area. It’s a bit challenging for us in single room hotels, since our kids are early-birds and we hardly get any sleep. We got plenty of sleep here, while kids were on the other side of the lodge building their tents and playing games.

They lodge also has a community area for all guest to hang out, even a kitchen and grill is provided. I think in the summer time, when we come back, I am bringing along some food so we can do some grilling there. Besides, who wouldn’t want to catch some sun, chilling on those swings, while having some barbecue?

If you want to know more info about the place, visit The Lodges on Vashon.

A Healthy Lifestyle for 2017


Over the last few months I’ve been frequently talking about switching to a healthy lifestyle. I want to share a bit of my story, maybe you can relate.

I’ve always struggled with my weight and have always been the “fat” one in the group. After having kids and reaching over 200lb mark during pregnancy, I figured that I really needed to do something about my weight. I tried losing the weight on a few crazy diets, but it’d come right back.

So I figured that if I can switch my lifestyle, focus on the healthy meals and snacks, I can avoid going onto those insane diets.

A few months ago I randomly saw someone mention Whole30 on Facebook, I decided to jump on the opportunity and went out the next day to stock up fridge with the good foods. If you plan on doing Whole30, I recommend making a list of recipes you plan on making. Whole30 requires a lot of meal prep and if you plan things out, it will be easy to follow. I never purchased a book on Whole30, because I just know I will never find time to read it. I used Google, Pinterest and more Google 🙂

I felt so good overall, my tummy was more flat and the energy level was off-charts. I couldn’t imagine going back to eating carbs and candy, but it happened. We travel a lot and while traveling I like to splurge a little, so I went back to dairy, chocolate and pastries. When we got back, I knew we needed to reset.

I use my Blendtec for a lot of the healthy meals, like my famous Whole30 approved bars. We also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Each week our family goes through so many fruits and veggies!

Kids especially enjoy making up their own smoothies. I love a smoothie bowl as a lighter meal option. It tastes refreshing and feels like a treat.

One of my favorite combos is – berries, banana, orange, flex seeds and a lot of spinach. I have a good stock of frozen berries at home, often I’d freeze ripe bananas and use them in a smoothie. For the toppings I love using chia seeds, coconut and fresh fruits.

I love that my Blendtec makes a perfect creamy smoothie for us every time. It even blends the seeds into a a smoothie, giving it a creamy texture.

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And here’s me with the Twister Jar 🙂

Legal disclosure: We are not associated with Whole30.

Merry Christmas 2016


Photo by Lana’s Photography

Hello and Happy Holidays!!! This year time has flew by and Christmas has snuck up on us.

All of my Christmas shopping is done, I didn’t have a ton of gifts to buy, so it was easy. I am grateful for all the places that offer online shopping, because crowded stores stress me out.

One of the coolest traditions we started this year, is taking boys to shop for each other. Their budget wasn’t huge, but the time and effort they put into making each other happy, was so special. I think we will continue doing this for many years to come.

As I mentioned in a prior post, our decorations were very simple because our house still needs a remodel and doesn’t feel like a “home” yet. But, I like the white color and tepee was a cute addition to make the room feel cozy.

I try to order cards around the Thanksgiving, so they’re here way ahead of time. This year I ordered them from Minted, they arrived so quickly. I loved the gold finish on the cards.

I did have some time off from work and we had a fun day of baking cookies with boys. Actually, this year was the first year when kids were helpful. Usually it’s more of a hassle to cook with kids, but Jacob, my oldest, was helping me all day, while Ethan helped us with one set of cookies. I loved the time with them.

At the end of the day, we delivered cookie boxes to our friends and neighbors.

I think this blog post is getting a bit long. 😉 Let me know in comments about your own Christmas traditions.

Love, Natalya

Minted Holiday Gift Guide and 3 Giveaways!


Hi! Holidays are already around the corner! Is your house all decorated?

We’ve moved last summer and all of the old stuff doesn’t match our new house. Well, actually the new house doesn’t match our style, so we ended up with a big mess of opposite styles, lol.. Since the color white matches everything, I am sticking with it for decorations. So far I like how our Christmas decorations turned out.

I ordered a few things from Minted to add to the decor.

I love the natural look of tepees.
You can even custom-order them to match your style. I think this would make an amazing gift for a little girl.

Also, I ordered this Christmas tree skirt to match the tepee.

While browsing on Minted, I found a few more of my favorites. They’re great for gift ideas.

Photo Calendars. One of the years we gifted my parents a calendar with all the birthdays in it. I am from a family of five kids, and each one of us have kids already, so it’s hard for my parents to remember all the birthdays. I customized the calendar and added a ton of family photos in it. I think my mom has it to this day.

Custom Photo Art. The reason I love the photo idea, is because nowadays we have an ability to have it all. Gifts like these are sentimental and it shows effort with a gift like this.

These are two of my favorites.
To The Moon and back and Best Friend

I really want to share the turnout of our Christmas decorations, but only after we get our order from Minted! It should be here next week. I promise to have another post next week with some pics of our tree! 🙂


And now the news – We are giving away 3 x $100 gift cards for minted.com. Click here to enter the give away! Be sure to enter by December 16, 2016!

If you need to get your order before Christmas, see this neat schedule. And for all you bargain shoppers, here’s a list of coupons to make things even better!

Ethan’s Game Truck Birthday!!!


I wanted to share a special event we had last week. We celebrated my son Ethan’s 7th birthday!!!! It was a blast to celebrate and to spoil him. We even had a tradition that our kids picked up from their friends. On their Birthday they get to boss us around. Can you imagine how that turned out? We still had a blast 🙂

I wanted to create an eventful birthday, with friends and a lot of excitement. It was challenging to come up with something creative, yet, something that wouldn’t require much time. Between working full time and all other stuff in my life, I have very little energy left. So the Game Truck was the best thing we’ve done! The owner, Jamie, from Gig Harbor, WA was wonderful. He entertained them, kept on switching out games based on their requests. If you have little kids, you can imagine 😉

At the end of the night Ethan told me that this was his favorite birthday ever. Other kids loved having the Game Truck there as well.

We decorated the house with a ton of emoji balloons. I was able to find the beach balls, stamps and emoji watches on amazon and packed them into individual goodie bags for kids.

Lol, this is our attempt of taking photos of him. He fears of dropping that cake… lol

Btw, the cake is from Baskin Robins. I knew you can’t go wrong with an ice cream cake.

Sorry I didnt take any pictures of the food, the birthday boy was the focus the day.

Here is what we had for menu: Cheese plate, grilled chicken, Ukrainian Potato Salad, Greek Salad, Mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and waffle cake.

And if you want more information about the Game Truck, visit Game Truck on Facebook.

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